Assisting at Orphanage Homes

In this program volunteers will be placed in an orphanage. Some placements allow the volunteer to live within the orphanage, however, volunteers can also choose to be placed with our local host family located within a walk-able distance from the orphanage home. As well as being very rewarding, these placements can be physically and emotionally demanding. Your role as an Orphanage Volunteer is to be a big brother or sister to the children. What you will be doing will vary in each orphanage. You may be required to help in other ways besides simply working with the children - for example helping with medical visits, cleaning, paper recycling, gardening, teaching the house mothers how to properly clean, doing repairs, mending clothing, planning activities for after they return from school and perhaps preparing meals. Once the children return from school, your role will be to assist and encourage them with their homework as well as play with them. Teaching English may be a big focus as you will not be able to teach common subjects such as Maths or Science with the language barrier. You could help the children in other areas - basic hygiene for example, like regular teeth brushing and hand washing. Games, songs and other activities will be extremely popular with the children. Some of the older children may be encouraged to develop skills that may help them in later life such as paper making, sewing or maintenance work. These may be future skills that could help them to become self-sufficient as adults.