Conservation work

Deforestation, land fragmentation, and desertification are major environmental problems that Nepal is facing. Our local partner in Chitwan has established a community nursery program aiming to distribute indigenous tree seedlings for free to local farmers, schools, communities, and NGOs. As a volunteer in the conservation work project in Nepal , you support the activities of this community nursery. The works in nursery includes: digging, filling plastic bags, weeding, irrigating, and related works. Volunteers working in a conservation project also work in the nearby vegetable gardens which produce vegetable for local orphans.

What skills do I need for this program ?
There are no specific qualifications for joining the conservation project in Nepal . However, volunteers interested in joining the conservation project should be ready for physically demanding work.

What are my responsibility ?
Volunteers working in a conservation project in Nepal will engage themselves in nursery works and care of seedlings and these nurtured seeds will later be distributed to the villagers in various parts of Nepal . The works include: digging, preparing nursery beds, sowing seeds, weeding, trimming, pruning, filling plastic bags, applying water, and any work related to nursery. Other tasks may include planting, collecting seeds, replanting, eliminating diseased tress and inventory of fauna and flora depending on the season

ERN presently supports a small orphanage and school in Chitwan. So, volunteers working in a conservation project can teach English or work in the orphanage in free time. This can be arranged up on your arrival in Nepal .

Where do i stay during the project
During volunteering in a conservation project, you will stay in a host family near to the project. Host families will offer a separate room but you will share bath room and rest room with the host family. You can find the details of arrangement for room/food in placement sheets provided to you. ERN's Chitwan office is located near to the nursery project so you will be in constant touch with our local field staff.